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Mmm, I often fantasize about a week in a cabin by myself to think and write and soak in blissful, absolute silence. So, your photos are giving me a very porn-like vibe.

Also, I need to know about the papers spread out across the floor, cut up and arranged. I want to hear about that process. It feels so old school and delicious. What purpose does it serve for you? Do all writers do this? Did I miss the memo, because it was a scrap of paper on the floor? Please tell me more.

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Oh yes, it was a great way to revise the book! I had an essentially completed draft of the novel, though I knew I'd need to write some scenes that were missing. So I printed it out before I went to the cabin, and then spread it all out, read it all aloud (alone, in the woods, in a way that would seem VERY sane to any observers, had there been any), and then reordered a lot of it, rewrote bits, added bits, cut a bunch... spreading it all out like that made it so much easier to hold it all in my head, which is a tricky part of book-writing...

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That is one SEXY writing shed! lol. But no seriously: I relate. Reminds me of an interview with Jonathan franzen from years ago wherein he described a shed he wrote in with no internet or distractions. Just the blank page and your own troubled, wild, imaginative mind.

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